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About us

As vegan designers we feel it is our responsibility to declare with our jewelry and accessories that we do not tolerate the use of animals as products. 

It is vital to set this example for the fashion world.  

In our creations veganism and high fashion go hand in hand.

We manufacture our jewelry, belts, and handbags in our studios in Brooklyn, proving that it is possible to create elegant fashion in a sustainable and healthy work environment. We believe in the welfare of all living beings, and use vegan materials that are aesthetically pleasing and friendly to the environment, materials that come from countries that respect the welfare of their workers and enforce labor laws. We prefer to pay higher prices for our materials and so crusade for the rights of workers around the world.


The metals we use are not plated because the plating process is harmful to workers and to the environment.


Our jewelry and accessories are high quality and made to last. Our style is classically elegant and timeless, so that you can wear our designs today and also in ten years time.  The sensuous, 100% recycled fabric we use is highly durable, and since our metal pieces are not plated, the passage of time enhances their look.


We sell our products through the Internet and at vegan festivals and conferences.


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